Alright, I love hosting open houses. People come to me to view a house and I don’t have to feel like a dirty salesman. There is of course benefits for sellers, buyers and of course benefits to agents.If your agent tells you otherwise they are not telling you the whole truth.

Benefits to Sellers

The sellers of the home being held open does have the value of having traffic through the home, as long as the agent hosting the open does it right. While a small percentage of buyers will actually end up purchasing a home viewed during an open, it does happen. Also, the existing neighbors are great marketers for the home as well, they might as well know someone great to move into the home. So even though you think “only nosy neighbors will come through,” that is great! They will help you sell your home!

Benefits to Buyers

Not all buyers know where they want to start on their home search, so using an open house to get that starting point is a great thing. While the majority of home searching is done online, being in a home in person is much different.

Benefits to Agents

This is where your agent will probably try to stay quiet on. Of course there are benefits to us as the agents to host open houses. Yes, it gives the home great exposure which, hopefully makes our job easier. It also give us as an agent great exposure to potential clients.

So whether you are selling your home or starting your home search think about the other party and make sure you understand that open houses come with benefits to everyone involved.